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    Abyssea Rules * Not running currently*



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    Abyssea Rules * Not running currently*

    Post  Admin on Fri Oct 01, 2010 10:44 pm

    Every Saturday- NMS- gather together @ 7pmest Port Jeuno
    Every other Tuesday- EXP/FEET farm- Gather together @ 7pm Est Port Jeuno

    Plan to enter no later than 7:30 pm est.

    If you are in the LS or im game (Yes i do check) you are expected to attend and help out even if we arent doing something you need. Your attendance will reflect your lotting.

    You will have Set Jobs for each piece of af (Feet Head Legs). Everything will be posted under this abyssea forum.

    You may List 2 jobs for seal/coins/jewels. Think wisely these will stick with you until you are completed.
    1. 80+ Job
    2. 77+ Job

    Myself or a sackholder have the authority at anytime to have you prove said jobs level. This will be ordered based so not 1 person moves on without the rest who are doing as much work as well.

    EXAMPLE: (letters represent a player) We are Doing a Seals:Legs run
    A. 1.BLM 2.RDM
    B. 1.BLM 2.PUP
    C. 1.BLM 2.WHM
    D. 1.WHM 2.RDM

    we fight a nm and 2 BLM seals drop and 2 WHM seals drop.
    Players A B and C will lot on the first seal
    **Player A wins lot on first seal**
    Player A is now #1 in rotation now and must wait for other players who also have BLM as #1 to get seals before they get their 2nd seal.
    Player B and C would now lot on the 2nd seal.
    **Player B wins lot on second seal**
    Player be now become #2 in rotation. That leaves spot #3 open for Player C. This also mean the first BLM seal for legs that drop would go to player C. After Player C has received thier first seal the rotation begins. Only person to lot is if its their turn.

    Now to the WHM seal.
    Player D is the only one with WHM listed and set as their #1. Player D would recieve both seals.
    Player C has WHM in #2, this mean he must wait until Player D has fulfilled his #1 first.


    Once you choses your wants you will be unable to change them until you get all the seal for that piece.
    Remember For each piece- Pants Head Feet and Feet(Gear) *the kind that you get from the chests) Are not all the same.

    Pants 1.Rdm 2.Blm
    Head 1.Rdm 2.Whm
    Feet 1.Whm 2.Sch
    Feet (Gear) 1.Sch 2.Rdm

    If you happen to miss a run and were not on the game you will resume your spot order.
    If you were on the game but decided not to come you will be Moved to the end of rotation.
    If you miss and were not on the game and you misses your rotation turn you will still have to wait until next round.
    If you continue to miss the event and you are on the game you will be bypassed for 1 run entirely. (This means missing 2 or more while being on the game)
    If you are in the shell, Next run you will only be able to lot for your #2 as long as no one else as it as a #1.

    Once your Number1 has been reached your Number2 moves up and you choose a new number2. Only catch is you will automatically be the last person of the rotation. You will not get to lot and jump into the rotation you must wait til the end.

    ***If a seal is unwanted it will be called out by level first. 80+ 77+ 75+ then Lot only if you intend to use. Please remember before lotting on something you know you will just drop, other people may need that.***

    If you happen to come on late you are still expected to attend. However anything 1hour or more you will be excluded unless an opening comes up for the Abyssea EXP/Feet run. If we are doing NM you will be automatically moved to the end of rotation for your number 1.
    LATE=After we enter an area.
    So be on time and have fun!

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