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Dynamis and events for the FFXI linkshell "MinionofPoo" on the server Bismark

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    ~Currently Seeking~

    Post  Admin on Sun Apr 17, 2011 1:21 pm

    Mage Jobs- Rdm Blm Whm Brd(Rdm/Blm for main sleep)

    We are looking for people who can attend most the events as schedules. Not just one event. We do ONLY Dynamis. Currently running whatever cities are needed and hoping to move on to dreamworlds a lot more. We have quite a few new members and trying to work with them as well.

    a FULL TIME PLD/ the Main assist- We do provide Reraise Hairpins for the MA

    The majority of us all have xbox360 and if you want to try for the MA spot or main sleep we are willing to pull you into chat and help you.

    *Currently open to about anything still in need of mainly mages but we are always looking for new fun people. A must need is a comical side. Many jokers in the ls and we like to have a good time!*

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