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    PC crashed


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    PC crashed

    Post  Galkipoo on Fri Mar 12, 2010 9:44 pm

    I am currently off game until i find my disc's to enter onto my new laptop. My pc got a virus and i have to have it fixed. It will take a few days, but hoping to be online soon. *no i was not surfing the web for porn either* lol but if nothing else i will go and rebuy the disc set so i can get it on my laptop. So for tonight im gonna go out get drunk and forget about it! Hopefully i will figure out something by Sunday, or may just wait out the few days til i get my tower back for my pc and use Galki's xbox while he is at work. Either way im gonna miss the game! Ugh i hate all the people who create virus's and send them out! Take care and shall talk to you all soon!

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