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Dynamis and events for the FFXI linkshell "MinionofPoo" on the server Bismark

    MoP Application Form



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    MoP Application Form

    Post  Admin on Wed May 19, 2010 12:37 am

    Simply copy and paste this and just leave reply on this forum.

    Character Name:


    65+ Jobs:

    Which Job do you Prefer and why:

    Would you be willing to come as another job if needed:

    Have you been in another Dynamis/Sky shell*Even though we currently only run Dyna you never know what the future holds!:
    If Yes: Why did you leave:

    What would you say others think of you:

    What brought your attention to MoP:

    ~~~~~ Please Note upon application process i may contact you for further questions~~~~~
    All apps will be reveiwed and once given an answer the ap will be removed from the reply section.

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