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    Dynamis Rules


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    Dynamis Rules

    Post  Galkipoo on Wed Mar 10, 2010 12:23 am

    Dyna days~
    Gather together @ 5:45 est
    Enter @ 6:30 est

    Gather together @ 6:15 est
    Enter @ 7 est

    Seacoms are to be set 10 minutes Prior to entry.


    We will work as a family. We will Have fun as a family. Respect each other and treat others as you would want to be treated. During events LS Chat will be used Only for the event so everyone can know what is going on. If you see a problem with something please send me a message and I will do my best to resolve it.

    Always remember /autotarget off during runs


    ***If you show up late you will only be aloud to enter af under #2 slot and payout will be reduced.***

    *First run with the shell is unlottable, you will however still get payout*

    Currency and Wootz will be gathered by Galkipoo or a given sackholder by request.

    During City runs* Bastok San d’Oria Windurst and Jeuno* -
    You may list 2af~
    #1 70+
    #2 65+

    People who have a piece listed as #1 will be able to lot before the #2 people.

    **Ex. Player 1 has this listed has seacom- 1.Pld(75) 2.Mnk(68)
    Player 2 has this listed has seacom- 1.Blm(75) 2.Pld(67)
    Player 1 will recieve the gear before Player 2. Player 2 would have to wait until another piece dropped.
    If no one had listed Pld in slot 1 Player 2 would have been able to lot it on first drop.

    *If an item goes Rot it will be called out for people to lot with the highest of that given job*
    *** 70+ and 60+ will be called out before it goes to Complete Lot ***
    Please only lot rot if you truely plan to use it

    ** If you are registered to this site please fill out Character Sheet and update as possible, Go to Profile> Character Sheet and it will have spaces to put some job levels***

    Please be honest to the shell and only lot when asked.

    If you do not want any AF from a certain zone you may list “Gil” only. *You can not have gil and AF listed at any one given time.

    There will be a percentage divided between those that list just “gil”.

    It will be 90% for everyone and 10% for the ones who list “Gil”. The “Gil” comment can not exceed 100k. EX.
    We got 1.5m from a run.
    500k For Glass
    100k For Bank (Bank will not always be taken out)
    900k Divided between members-

    *There was 30 people in run* 5People with “Gil” Listed*

    90% of 900k is 810k
    810k/30= 27000per person

    10% of 900k is 90k
    90k/5= 18000Per each person with “Gil” listed.

    So person who has “Gil” Listed would get 27000+18000=45000

    If “Gil” comment percent Exceeds 100k per person the left over will be put in the LS Bank.
    ** You must stay after each run for payout, I will not be chasing you down. Gil that is not collected is deposited into the LS Bank***

    **Icelands **
    All rules are the same with exception to the THF HANDS

    TH4 will go to the mains of the Linkshell. If it is to help the LS in anyway that priority will come first. Sabertigger and Galki will recieve this first- They Have been dedicated to the shell and rotate with pulling. *Both of these members have their hands! so this is no longer applied* (4/16/2011)

    ** Dreamworlds
    You will be able to list 1. 2. and 3.
    1. 70+
    2. 67+
    2. 65+
    You must list your job level next to listings.

    If you do not need or want anything from that zone you still have the GIL option.
    You may list 2 items per listing.
    You however MUST not have the same type of armor within the same listing. Example below~
    #1 RDM-1 (75) BLM belt(80)
    #2 SCH feet (69) WHM belt (90)
    #3 WAR feet (65) PUP-1 (90)

    You may NOT have two -1's within a 1. 2. or 3.
    You may NOT have two Relic within a 1. 2. or 3.
    You may NOT have two Accessories within a 1. 2. or 3.
    ALL SEACOMS are to be set by 7:10 pm est to ensure if i have questions about someones seacom i have time to ask.

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