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    What the Future holds



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    What the Future holds

    Post  Admin on Fri May 14, 2010 3:13 pm

    Currently on Wed. Dyna Runs we have had very few Show up. Any Ideas on how to help this would be appreciated. We could bump the time back 30 minutes to an hour or do runs of thursday's. But if this continues to go on i will just be doing Dyna on Sunday's until we build up the shell a bit.

    Currently we are recruiting Members. ATM we are looking for certain jobs. BLM's are really needed, Whm is nice to have another of and Brd. I Have my Sackholders and a few Recruiters currently looking for people. All interested person will be approved by me if i am on. Also must be able to enter Dyna we can help with other missions.

    PLEASE REMEMBER THERE WILL NOT ALWAYS BE A MULE OUTSIDE FOR DYNA. If you are late and there is no mule there is nothing i can do.

    Trogue and I(Galkipoo) are taking peoples information for missions. CoP ToaU and ZM missions. If you could let us know what you are on so we can start scheduleing runs. Also the best times you are available. If Wed. Dyna continues to be a turn out as it has been then we will turn wed. into a mission day.

    I currently have some rules for sky runs jiggled out, I would LOVE to start sky soon just needing to figure out times and days. I have some of the items needed but we are def. going to need to do farming as well.

    I am open to opinions on anything, just send me a /tell and we can talk it about and ill jot it down.

    Thank you everyone

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